Skys Aircraft Corporation
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Newnan, Ga 30263
2005 Skys Aircraft Corporation
With a Commercial License you can fly for hire.  This is the first step to any job where you get paid to fly an airplane.  To get to this point in your flying career you will need a minimum of 250 hours and an instrument rating (for a commercial license with no restrictions).   Skys instructors and staff have tens of thousands of hours of commercial PIC, SIC and Flight Engineer time.  On staff are new commercial pilots as well as retired military and airline pilots.  We can give you the real world knowledge you need. 
... Commercial Pilot License
What can I do as a Commercial Pilot? 

          -  Get paid to fly an aircraft
          -  Fly in Charter Operations
          -  Become a Flight Instructor
          -  Sightseeing, Pipeline Patrol, Aerial
          Photography, Banner Towing
-  15 Hours Flight Time
-  15 Hours Flight Instruction
-  15 Hours Ground Instruction
Commercial Pilot License
... only $1700
What will I learn?

Commercial training involves more advanced maneuvers and knowledge but don't let this deter you.  Although the maneuvers are more advanced, they are more fun to master.  Your knowledge of aircraft systems and aerodynamics will increase during this training as well. 

          -  Advanced maneuvers
          -  Advanced aircraft systems
          -  Understanding commercial privileges & limitations
          -  Advanced aircraft loading/weight and balance
Initial Commercial License
Beech Travelair
Add-On Commercial License
Cessna C-172
-  10 Hours Flight Time
-  10 Hours Flight Instruction
-  5 Hours Ground Instruction
... only $4800