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There are many reasons that people become flight instructors. Some just love to teach. Others are building time and knowledge so they can successfully move on to charter operations or airlines. With the Certified Flight Instructor license, the Multi Engine Instructor license and the Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument license you can teach others how to fly.

Another important job of the flight instructor is giving Biennial Flight Reviews and Instrument Proficiency Flights.  It's the instructors' job to keep others up to date with current regulations and techniques.
... Certified Flight Instructor
What can I do as a Flight Instructor?

          -  Teach private, commercial and                       instrument students
          -  Single engine, multi-engine, complex              and high performance ratings
          -  Get paid while building flight time
          -  Conduct Biennial Flight Reviews and              Instrument Proficiency Flights
-  15 Hours Flight Time
-  15 Hours Flight Instruction
-  15 Hours Ground Instruction
Certified Flight Instructor
... as low as $1413
What will I learn?

The flight instructor rating isn't just about flying.  It's about sharing your wealth of aviation knowledge with others. The flight instructor is a master at the controls and with words.  As an Instructor, you'll be teaching theory as well as flight.

         -  Fundamentals of instructing
         -  Pilot psychology
         -  Teaching and performing maneuvers for all licenses
         -  Identifying and correcting common mistakes
Initial  Instructor Rating (MEI)
Beech Travelair
Add-On Instructor Ratings (CFI, CFI-I) Cessna C-172
-  10 Hours Flight Time
-  10 Hours Flight Instruction
-  5 Hours Ground Instruction
... only $3698
The Initial Flight Instructor rating must be completed in a complex aircraft.  At Skys you will complete your Initial Flight Instructor Rating as a MEI  in a Beech Travelair.  Once you complete your initial MEI, the additional flight instructor ratings can be completed in a Cessna C-172.  If you already have a CFI rating we can offer training for the MEI and CFI-I in either the C-172 or the Travelair.