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An instrument rating allows the accomplished pilot to file and fly in conditions that are less than prescribed for VFR.  Sky's Aircraft instructors emphasize safety in the IFR environment while instructing in your choice of a Cessna C-172 or Beech Travelair.
... Instrument Pilot
      What can I do as an Instrument             Rated Pilot?

            -  Fly in conditions less than VFR
            -  Fly in Class A airspace
            -  Operate in the IFR system
            -  Operate in and out of the clouds
-  40 Hours Flight Time
-  40 Hours Flight Instruction
-  20 Hours Ground Instruction
Instrument Pilot Rating
-  Train in a Single or Multi Engine Airplane
-  Cirrus II Simulator low as $7100
What will I learn?
Training for the instrument rating is a very structured process simply because of the nature and strict rules for instrument flight.  As you progress through the course you will find your knowledge, flight and navigation skills greatly increase.  Here are a few of the topics you will cover in the instrument rating.

          -  Basic attitude instrument flying
          -  More advanced Meteorology and Weather
          -  Ground based navigation
          -  Precision and non-precision approaches
          -  Flying in the IFR system