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Whether you want to fly for fun or pursue a career in aviation, the private pilot license is the first step toward reaching those goals.  Skys Aircraft instructors and management are committed to getting you there in one of our Cessna C-172's.
... Private Pilot License
      What can I do as a Private Pilot? 
         Here are just a few things:

                    -  Fly in day or night conditions 
                    -  Have access to thousands of airports in                       the United States
                    -  Take your family on vacation
                    -  Live in a fly in community

Private pilot training is a great way to get exposed to the world of aviation.  You will become a part of a wonderful group of people. The few who dare to fly.
-  40 Hours Flight Time
-  15 Hours Solo Flight
-  25 Hours Flight Instruction
-  15 Hours Ground Instruction
Private Pilot License
-  Train in a Cessna 172
-  CATS Test Center on Site
-  Self Paced or Full Time Training low as $7650
What will I learn?
As you progress through training, you will cover many areas of aeronautical knowledge.  Here are a few:

          -  Fundamentals of Flight - How does that airplane            stay in the air?
          -  Meteorology and Weather
          -  Aircraft Performance
          -  Weight & Balance
          -  Federal Aviation Regulations
          -  Medical factors related to flying
          -  Emergencies and Safety