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Skys Aircraft is proud to have offered the lowest airplane rental prices in the area for over 10 years.  Our goal is to keep the prices as low as possible so our planes and pilots stay where they want to be, up in the sky.  To attain that goal we have created a flight club.  The major benefit of having a club is the reduced rate for insurance.  With reduced insurance rates come reduced rental prices.  See the information below for rates and membership information.
Rental Prices and Membership Fees
Membership Fees
Monthly Dues$10 per month*

*  Membership fees are only charged to "active" members.  Click the button above for more information about our membership.

Aircraft Rental Rates
Aircraft TypeHourly RateBlock Rate*

Cessna C-172, 4 place, IFR$ 130.00                      $ 125.00
Cessna C-172, 4 place, VFR      $ 130.00                      $ 125.00
Beech Travelair, 4 place, IFR, Twin      $ 310.00                      $ 295.00

Simulator Rates
Cirrus II  Single or Multi engine    $45.00

*  Block Rate prices are charged for those members who pre-purchase 10 or more hours of flight time. Flight time will be charged at the block rate price until the account reaches a zero balance. After that time the regular hourly rate will be charged.

Leaseback Opportunity
Attention Aircraft Owners

Skys Aircraft is always willing to consider leaseback planes for use in the club.  This is a great opportunity for aircraft owners to keep their planes in the air and also help get them paid off.  Please contact us about the leaseback program.