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Newnan, Ga 30263
2005 Skys Aircraft Corporation
You've got a private pilot license.  You don't enjoy your current job.  You're looking for a change.  Becoming a pilot is what you want to make your career.  Does that sound familiar?  I'm sure it does.

We can adjust the details of the program for those students who start with some ratings and flight time under their belt.
... Professional Pilot Course
Certificates and Ratings Earned
Step 1 - Additional Aircraft Rating: Private Pilot, Multi-Engine Land
Step 2 - Instrument Rating (Completed in a Multi-Engine Aircraft)
Step 3 - Time Building to get to Commercial Minimums
Step 4 - Commercial Pilot: Multi-Engine Land Certification
Step 5 - Additional Certification: Commercial Pilot, Single Engine Land
Step 6 - Flight Instructor Ratings
Students with Some Previous Flight Experience
Program Flight Time
Multi-Engine:       200 Hours
Single Engine:       20 Hours
Extra time:              15 Hours
Total:                        220 Hours
...only  $32873
Let's take a look at the process and cost of the program for a student who comes with a Private Pilot: Single Engine Land Certification and a total time of 60 hours.