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One of the biggest challenges faced by pilots that desire to fly professionally is building the required multi-engine flight time.  One of the best training experiences you can get is to share time with another pilot.  It's a great way to build flight time and practice Crew Resource Management (CRM) while sharing the costs with another pilot. 

Skys realizes how hard it is to affordably build time and because of that, we offer special time building rates in our Beech Travelair.  Pilots enrolled in the Time Building program will be paired with another pilot to fly cross country flights.  During the flights one customer will fly under the hood and the other will act as the "safety pilot".  Flights can be conducted to anywhere in the continental United States if the schedule permits.  However there are a minimum number of flight hours expected on a daily basis when away from our home base.  We can also set up a time building program in a Cessna C-172.  Give us a call for more information.

Always contact us before you come to see if we have time builders here.  We're a small company and sometimes we don't have people time building.
... Time Building
Lets look at the Safety Pilot Rules? 

Safety Pilot is Required, Qualifications of  (FAR 91.109)
FAR 91.109 says a safety pilot is required for simulated instrument flight (as a required crew member) and that the safety pilot must have:
          -  a valid private pilot certificate
          -  appropriate category & class ratings
          -  a current medical certificate
          -  and meet all the other pilot-in-command currency requirements.
Responsibility and Authority of the PIC (FAR §91.3)
The PIC is directly responsible for and the final authority in determining the airworthiness and operation of the aircraft.  The PIC may deviate from any FAR to meet the requirements of an emergency.  If the PIC deviates from and FAR, he or she shall, if requested, send a written report of the deviation to the Administrator.

Instrument flight time may be logged (§61.51)
          -  During the time the flight is conducted solely by reference to instruments under actual or                simulated IFR conditions.  If simulated IFR conditions, you must log the location and type of           each instrument approach and the name of the safety pilot or CFII.
          -  By an instrument flight instructor (CFII) when acting as an instrument flight instructor in                   actual instrument weather conditions
          -  Actual Instrument can not be undertaken without an Instrument Rated PIC or CFII thus                    cannot be logged when using a safety pilot.

-  Time building in a Conventional     Twin-Engine Beech Travelair
-  Fly anywhere in the Country
Multi-Engine Time Building
50 hours for only $4858
100 hours for only $9138
-  Fuel Reimbursement (To current rates       at KCCO)
-  CRM Experience
Pilot Requirements for Insurance? 

Aviation Underwriters, Inc. Insurance Requirements:
          -  Renters:  must be Private MEL, IFR with a               total of 350 hours, 50 hours MEL and 5                   hours Make and Model, or
          -  In lieu of 50 hours MEL, 25 hours Dual                    Instruction